Ski-in/Ski-out Access to Heavenly Ski Resort

If you’re staying with us this ski season, getting on the mountain has never been easier. Tahoe Ridge Resort offers ski in/ski out access to the Stagecoach chairlift at Heavenly Ski Resort via our Hilltrac Skier Express.

This self-operated, 8 passenger, gondola-type car whisks guests down to Heavenly’s Stagecoach chairlift in less than 3 minutes.

A recently completed $120,000 overhaul to the Skier Express includes a complete rework of the electronics and computer systems that drive the passenger car. The driving mechanism and the 680-foot track to Stagecoach were also updated for a smoother, more comfortable ride. It’s the best way to ski in and ski out when staying at Tahoe Ridge Resort!

Additionally, on property Ridge Shuttles can drop guests off at Stagecoach Lodge (after going around the loop).