Who’s Working at The Ridge?

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Sam Slack

My name is Sam Slack and I am the Vice President and Director of Operations for the Ridge Resorts.  I joined the team in 1988 as the Assistant Resort Manager responsible for a number of the departments that ensure that our owners and guests have a wonderful vacation experience.  I left the “Ridge” in 1995 to run a resort operation in Northern Arizona.  While I was gone I stayed in touch with senior members of the team and jumped at the chance to return to beautiful Lake Tahoe and the Ridge Resorts in 2002.

As you have read in previous posts this is a great place to work.  The culture of caring for our customers and our staff goes back to the early days of the Resort and continues stronger than ever today.  I spend a good portion of my week walking the property from the main road and recreation facilities to the garages and store rooms as well as the guest rooms.  This allows me to see many of our associates on a weekly basis and to interact with so many of our owners and guests.  I have to admit that it is very rewarding and humbling to see how the team truly cares about the guest experience.

I also have the good fortune to be very much involved in the long-term refurbishment plan for the Resorts.  Since 2003 we have completed significant work in each of the guest rooms.  Given the size of the properties each individual guest room building is on a separate cycle and we are very excited about the work to be completed in the next five years.  The work includes the scheduled replacement of furnishings and the complete tear out and replacement of 352 kitchens and 662 bath rooms.    

Thank you for taking the time to get to know some of us who are fortunate enough to call beautiful Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley our home.  I hope you consider us for your future vacations, and look forward to seeing you as I am out and about this beautiful property.

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