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Marlena Bolt

Hello, and greetings from Lake Tahoe! My name is Marlena Boldt, the Director of Resort Sales. I have the pleasure of overseeing our meetings and events department and I am involved in the sales and marketing of our hotel accommodations to travelers around the world. As far as The Ridge is concerned, I’m a baby; I have only been here for a year and a half. However, I am excited to be part of this new family that works so hard to create memorable experiences for our guests.

I’d like to take a minute to blog about all the wonderful families and joyful memories that are created here at The Ridge. As I walk around this beautiful resort every day, I see generations of families making new memories… I see couples holding hands as they walk to play tennis. I see them packing up their cars with coolers and games as the head to the beach. I see parents taking their children out on the Skier Express to try skiing for the very first time and then come back to make snowmen and drink hot chocolate.

But the part that moves me the most is watching all of the brides and grooms who start their lives together here at The Ridge Tahoe. We have over 50 weddings a year in our Garden Terrace. I watch as bright eyed, newly engaged couples come out and visit us for the first time with all their hopes and dreams ahead of them looking for that perfect venue. These couples turn to The Ridge to make their dreams come true. Our staff handles every detail from our great cuisine, to flowers and decorations. We even offer wedding planning service so that every detail is attended to and the couple can focus on sharing their special day with each other, their families, and friends.

I see proud father arrive at their son/daughter’s wedding with smiles on their faces and tears behind their eyes. I see beautifully dressed mothers holding their husband’s hands as they slightly tremble with joy. I see grandparents, sisters, brothers, and best friends light up as the beautiful bride steps into sight for the very first time. I think my favorite person to watch at any wedding is the groom, he looks like his knees are about to buckle when he sees his bride turn the corner and one little tear sneaks out. It is so beautiful to watch all these of warm memories get created each and every day and join two people and two families into one.

If you know anyone who is looking to create an amazing wedding memory and might consider The Ridge, please contact me at mboldt@ridge-resorts.com or 775-588-3553 ext. 4622.

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