Soar through the trees at Kirkwood Mountain Resort’s zipline course

Lake Tahoe is an outdoor playground with a lot to offer. Less than an hour away adventure of another kind waits at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

Zip Tahoe, a year-round adventure program, takes willing participants for a canopy ride through the trees; safely soaring stretches that range from 200 to 600 feet.

Soar through the trees at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.  Photo: Zip Tahoe.
Soar through the trees at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.
Photo: Zip Tahoe.

Zip Tahoe offers multiple ziplines and sky bridge courses that connect with speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Scenic views are guaranteed as the course weaves through heavily forested parts of Kirkwood mountain.

Participants start by being transported to the course in passenger ATVs in the summer and by chairlift rides during the winter months. The adventure begins when the road ends as Zip Tahoe tour guides prepare participants for their rides.

Zippers can then take in the breathtaking views of the Sierra from trees 75 feet off the ground, with speed building as inertia moves them from various points and segments along the course. Curious? We have video for you to preview.

The zipline system is designed on a gravity braking system, requiring no hand braking. Platform points include views of the Red Cliff’s, Thimble Peak, Glove Rock and Martin Point.

The course is suitable for guests 8 years of age and older, and those weighing between 85 to 270 pounds. Zip Tahoe is designed for high adventures ideal for couples, honeymooners, business retreats and family reunions.

Guides handle all safety gear, providing a safe experience for all ages and abilities. Tours are offered daily, year round. For reservations call 209-258-7330 or visit

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