Fit in Exercise During Your Getaway

For many people vacation is the only time they can truly relax. Whether it’s through spa treatments, delicious meals or hot tubbing, your getaway should be about indulging in your every desire.

Once you get home, however, you may find that you brought home more than souvenirs, photographs and great memories – you might have brought home some extra weight.

Fortunately, when you vacation in Lake Tahoe you have an abundance of activities to keep the pounds at bay and work off those morning mimosas or curly fries. The following activities will help you stay fit on vacation while also exploring the amazing Tahoe region.

Get Out on the Water
When you visit Lake Tahoe, you must plan an adventure on the lake. With crystal clear shores, cobalt blue waters and miles to explore (the lake’s surface area is 191 miles), Lake Tahoe is the ultimate way to stay in shape while on vacation.

SUP - South Lake TahoeExplore Big Blue on a paddleboard. Credit: Rachid Dahnoun

Choose from kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or swimming to burn calories while having solo or group fun. While kayaking works your upper body, including your arms and core, stand up paddle boarding offers a full body workout. Paddle boarding for one hour burns approximately 350 calories and up to 700 without stopping.

If you’re brave enough to dip into the cold waters (water temperatures range from 50 to 60 degrees during early summer and 65 to 70 degrees in August and September), you’ll find a whole new underwater world to explore. We recommend heading to Sand Harbor for some interesting underwater adventuring.

Take a Hike or Ride a Bike
Some of the most popular activities in Tahoe include hiking and mountain biking. Our favorite hikes typically involve waterfalls and lots of wildflowers, but there are many hikes that bring you to new heights while providing exhilarating views. For an easily accessible hike from your accommodations at the Ridge Tahoe, you can begin on the 165-mile long Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT). The TRT shares segments with the famous Pacific Crest Trail and promises beautiful vistas of Lake Tahoe.

Mountain Biking at Lake TahoeSee Tahoe differently on your mountain bike. Credit: Ben Fish

If you prefer to travel by two wheels, there are also a number of trails designed for mountain biking. The Flume Trail is one favorite, as is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which is accessible via Big Meadow, and Corral, a true Tahoe classic that features jumps, logs and rocks. Read more about the top mountain bike trails in South Lake Tahoe here.

Stay Active at The Ridge
In addition to easy access to the Tahoe Rim Trail, the Ridge Tahoe has facilities for tennis, basketball, racquet ball, Wallyball and even golf. Practice your swing before hitting any one of the great local golf courses or join us for one of our scheduled activities, including water aerobics, dance off challenges, pilates and rock climbing.

Check the weekly Ridge Guide for a list of all activities.


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